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Meccano Paper


While Meccano outfits and parts are what most people naturally think of when Meccano is mentioned, there were many printed items produced. To the collector, these may have a wealth of information. Here is some information on some of these printed ("paper") items.



Manuals illustrate models which can be made with the various sized outfits. The manuals used in the United States differed from those in British outfits. In the early years (1909 to around 1915), the major difference was the cover. In later years, there were other differences. A listing of US manuals, in Adobe .pdf format, is available here.

A few scans of manuals and manual pages are available at US Manuals.

An unidentified manual has been found. Details are available on the Questions page; if anyone has more information, please contact me. My email address is on the Home page.


Meccano Magazine

Starting in 1916, Meccano produced a magazine for the youngsters who played with Meccano. Initially, the title was "Meccano Engineer", but by 1918 the title became "Meccano Magazine". By the '20's, the magazine had become a popular "boy's" magazine, with features on engineering, railways, and other topics of interest to Meccano enthusiasts. The magazine had wide distribution in England through nearly the entire life of English Meccano production. The Meccano Magazine (this title is used to refer also to the Meccano Engineer) was also produced in the United States, in a version somewhat different from the British magazine. For details on the US Magazines, click US Meccano Magazines.



Catalogs were produced to advertise the range of Meccano outfits and parts, and included prices. Advertising was usually included; in several instances, most of the piece was advertising, with little space used for a listing of outfits, and no listing of parts. Some scans of the 1927, '28 & '29 catalogs are available under the US Catalogs page.


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